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Ultrafiltration system including an electronic mechanism anti-looding system.
ULTRAMAK is the most effective system of filtration for domestic use and is capable to guarantee, thanks to the
3-stages of filtration a purified water, free of harmful substances, sediments and unpleasant odors.
ULTRAMAK does not alter the mineral salts content present in the water.

Filtration process

  • Aqueduct water incoming
  • 1st stage
    Quick ilter cartridge sediment 5 micron.
  • 2nd stage
    Quick ilter cartridge Silver Carbon 10 micron. Reduces odors, lavors and releases the beneits of
    silver ions.
  • 3rd stage
    Absolute ilter of ultrailtration with antibacterial capilary membrane.  Degree of filtration 0,12 mcr.
  • Outgoing water faucet